Thursday, March 4, 2010

Help - I Need Bachelorette Party Ideas for Under 21!

Several times a year I get an email; Dear Party Game Ideas Lady,

The bride or members of the wedding party are under 21, so what can we do for the Bachelorette Party?

Here are some Bachelorette party idea answers I have shared with them.

Does your bride want a wild time or just a last time with her best friends?

For those who want a risque evening just have unique activities but don't include alcohol.
- Host the event at a hotel, vacation rental or someone's house.
- Have Lingerie or sex toy party (Here for some gift ideas)
- Decide whether to get a stripper - Here is an article on hiring a stripper.
- Play I Never or Share Romantic Stories
- Share sex tips, fantasies or best and worst experiences
- Play a fun game of decorate the mens private parts or pass the vibrator

Basically have fun, share secrets and have a great bachelorette party.

For those who want a Girl's Night Bachelorette party to share sisterhood.
- Plan a spa afternoon or day (go to a spa or do it yourself)
- Take Cosmo quizes
- Go to a hotel - Relax by the pool and play Stud or Dud for fun
- Play Who knows the Bachelorette? or other easy printable games
- Act like kids and go Bowling, Skating or a Concert together
- Do a photo Scavenger Hunt or to do list around the city - Be Silly & Fun
(Just adjust to be outside the bars)
- Go sing Karaoke or rent a Karaoke machine for the Bachelorette party
- Try a Murder Mystery or Improv evening - different and fun

The success of the Bachelorette Party is based on the bride to be and her friends have a great time together and creating special memories. So have fun and make it a great bachelorette party for all.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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