Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Halloween Costumes 2008

Wow Halloween 2008 is turning into a “Summer Blockbuster” for the men and traditional classics for the women. This pattern is being repeated for boys and girls costumes too.

For Men's Costumes
The Dark Knight is King as Batman and The Joker costumes dominate sales. Some extremely detail Dark Knight costumes are going for $300, $400 and more. Next on the list for the men’s costumes are Indiana Jones and Iron Man are huge sellers.Then it drops off to your more traditional Halloween costumes including Star Wars characters, Spiderman, The Hulk, Vampires, Monsters and Firefighters.

While Election and Olympic themes are out there, you might end up seeing more Bush R.I.P. costumes than Obama or McCain. As for the Olympics, other then Michael Phelps there were not to many costume friendly icons to come out of them and few people can pull off Michael Phelps.

For Women's Costumes
One of this years most popular costumes will most likely be Sarah Palin!

I expect to see this costume at least twice, women with a Hockey shirt on, hair up, glasses on, a pit bull under one arm and red lipstick on. Traditional women’s costumes such as witches, Princess Leia, Angelina Jolie, cheerleader, Angels remain popular. As for top costumes, our research showed no clear cut costume this year.

For Boys Costumes

Most popular costumes for boys are Batman, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, The Hulk, Star Wars characters and Spiderman. Again summer movies have influenced the popularity of Halloween costumes.

For Girls Costumes
Popular trends for girls this year Hanna Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock and Disney Princesses – Disney costumes are in.

Classical such as witches, ballerinas, Hello Kitty, ladybugs and butterflies also remain popular.

Baby and Toddlers
Cute still rules for babies and toddlers!Monkeys, bubble bees, flowers, cats and dogs are extremely popular with parents and really how can you go wrong with any of them!

Happy Halloween Costume Hunting
Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Most Popular Baby Shower Games

Today I was reviewing what Baby Shower Games were the most visited on Party Game Ideas. I thought it was interesting and thought I would share the list with you.

Most Popular Baby Shower Games
1. Baby Shower Bingo
2. Baby Animal Game
3. Baby Advice
4. Baby Word Scramble
5. Baby Outburst
6. Baby Bottle Drink Off
7. Baby Name Game
8. Don't Say Baby
9. Who Knows the Mom?
10. Baby Trivia

Next week I will post the most popular Bridal Shower Games

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Party Games - Get Ready for Fun

Halloween is fun for all ages and over the years Halloween has changed from Trick or Treating around town to visiting a few house and having Halloween parties.

Oh the fun of seeing everyone dressed up in costume, sharing haunted stories, getting candy and playing games. If you are hosting a Halloween Party this year, you may be looking for some activities and games for your event.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween party games and activities.

For the young kids:
Witch's Hat Ring Toss
Take 2 or more witches hats and place a challenging distance from the throw line. Kids try to toss the most rings on the hats. Several variations and game options.

Halloween Corners
The music starts and the children walk in a circle, when the music stops the go to one of the themed corner and then the people in one of those corners are tricked out of the game. Play until one winner.

Spooky Walk
A musical chairs type Halloween game but without the running and pushing. A fun game involving music, fun graphics and walking. Young kids will want to play several times.

More Kids Halloween Games at Party Game Ideas including Pumpkin Bowling

Ghost Hunter
This team game involves finding hidden ghosts and then when they have all of the ghosts they must unscramble the letters to reveal a Halloween word or phrase.

Halloween Survivor
Who will survivor these Halloween challenges and activities. Halloween survivor allows you to have a variety of activities but only 1 survivor! Instead of voting off the guests are eliminated after each competition.

Printable Halloween Games
These Halloween games include trivia, word finds and even Halloween Bingo. They will keep guests busy for 5 - 15 minutes and work for all ages. The Value Pack gives you access to over 40 games!

Halloween Body Parts Story where you pass food around and gross guests out
John - My Dear Friend...
The Story of Tragic Sam

For adult Halloween parties, Halloween murder mysteries can be a lot of fun and so can various scavenger hunts. I have several Halloween scavenger hunts listed.

Want more I have almost 50 Halloween game ideas and Halloween costume ideas too.

Happy Halloween
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween Party Planning - 10 Step Guide

The first cold front is in the air, we are in a few weeks into football season and yes, if you haven’t started yet, it’s time to start planning your Halloween party.

Here are my 10 steps to a Successful Halloween Party.

1. Set the Date
Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so most parties will be on that day, however you could consider the 25th the Saturday before or the 29th or 30th just before Halloween.

2. Confirm type of Halloween party; costumes and social event for adults, kids party with games, Halloween gathering and scavenger hunt?

3. Determine if there is a theme? Superheroes, Favorite Monster, Animals, Recycle a Costume, Most Creative or just a Classic Halloween Costume Party.

4. Send out the Invitations.
We found some cute Halloween Invitations here.
If mailing we recommend sending them out between late September and by October 8th. This is very important if you are asking for an RSVP.

5. Set a Budget
Determine how much you want to spend on food, decorations and your costume.

6. Start planning Halloween decorations to fit your theme.
Get a general idea of what type of decorations you want and see what you already have and make a list of things you need to buy. Fake tombstone, fogger machine, candle accents, then rank what is most important and purchase must haves first.

7. Get your Halloween Costume
Whether you are planning on making your own or want to purchase something new complete this task by the 10th or at least the 15th of October.

8. Plan Activities or Halloween Games
Office event, kid’s party or adults only, mixing in Halloween games or activities help people mingle and keep them entertained. For offices consider trivia games to challenge them, for kids do fun activity games, read a scary story and for adults challenge with trivia or Halloween scavenger hunts.

9. Plan your Food
Whether you go with simple snacks and dips or food that looks to scary to eat plan an assortment of food and consider asking guests to bring items to share.

10. Decorate, pre-stage and make final checklist of things to do.
The weekend before your Halloween party, start setting up your some of your decorations, group food, favors and last minute displays together so other can assist you with setting up, review guests list and make final checklist of items you still need.

Make it a Great Halloween Party

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ideas for Bridal Shower without Games? This Recipe Theme is Perfect

While I enjoy Bridal Shower Games and write and blog about them.

I sometimes get emails asking for Gameless Bridal Showers or they note I don't want to play any silly games. Well I think I have the recipe for a gameless wedding shower, well almost.

Instead of Bridal and Wedding Shower Games

Hold a Share Your Recipe Shower.
Ask attendees to complete the following statements "What is Your Recipe for...
a. Your Favorite Dinner
b. Romance
c. Making Up
d. Saving Money
e. etc...

Then have each guest bring the answers to your shower and through out the shower take brakes and share the recipes for a, b, c, etc...

Now you can still play a game, but reverse course and have the Bride to Be take action and have her play, "Bake Me a Cake."

This game is perfect as it has the bride bake a cake without a recipe. Hence it is likely to turn out bad, this helps showcase your theme of Sharing and Following the Recipe for Success.

And after each Recipe you can pick someone to win a small gift, I found some fun recipe shower gifts and favors that would work Gratest Love of All (cheese grater), slice of love (pizza cutter) and more.

After the shower is over, take all the answers and place in a scrapbook. Easy, Fun and No Games.

The Party Game Ideas Lady