Monday, November 28, 2011

Top Christmas Party Games on Party Game Ideas This Week

With Christmas just weeks away and Christmas parties starting this week and weekend. I thought I would share what Christmas party games are being shared the most! So here are our Top Shared Holiday Party Games for last week.

Number 5.
Christmas Stocking Guess Game
Discover whats in the Stocking to Win this Holiday Game

Number 4.
Left / Right Gift Passing Game
This zany gift passing game is fun and involves no gift stealing!

Number 3.
Dirty Dice Christmas Grab - Gift Exchange
The Roll of the Dice Determines Which Gift You Pick or Grab from Another

Number 2.
Unwrap the Gift Games
Various Gift Passing Games for Kids and Adults

And Our Most Share Christmas Game Last Week
Number 1.
Find Out Who
A Christmas Party Ice Breaker Game to get guests to Mingle!

Top Non-Game Christmas party Pages Include:
1. Christmas Party Supplies
2. Christmas Party Favors
3. Christmas Gift Baskets

Party Game Ideas has over 50 Party Games for Christmas and Holiday Parties. Creative DIY Party Games for the office, daycare, gift exchanges, cookie swaps, family gatherings, classrooms and more!

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Have fun and check out all of our Christmas Party Games, Invitations, Holiday Party Supplies, Party Favors, Decorations and Holiday Gift Baskets.  

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