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After Halloween Sales - What To Buy & What To Avoid

Halloween is over and the after Halloween stores have started selling items up to 50% off to clearance merchandise, but is it a good deal?

Some Halloween costumes and decorations are worth picking up while others aren't worth buying at 75% off. Here are tips so you can make the right after Halloween sale purchases. While the local Halloween shops offer the biggest bang for the buck as they want to sell it all, online shops like BuyCostumes and Spirit Halloween are running sales too.

First rule review storage space, moving and budget:
1. If you buy an animated zombie prop, Halloween costume or party supplies do you have a place to store them? If the answer is yes then it is safe to shop, if the answer is no then stay home.
2. Do you plan to move in 2012? If yes, pass on after Halloween shopping and if no then you are good to go.
3. Review your Budget and realize that it is no savings if you can't afford it.

Next Basics vs Trendy Costumes
Worth It If your an adult picking up a basic witch, zombie, fireman or cheerleader costume makes sense as basics are timeless and if you like the costume you'll have something for next year or an annual costume party. The savings are going to be far greater right now and the selection large than anything you'll see for 10 months, so it can be Worth It to buy now.

Not Worth It Trendy "It" Costumes, Movie, tv and one year wonder costumes rise and fall each Halloween. So unless you have a special reason to buy Charlie Sheen or a Katie Perry costume pass on Halloween fads.

Kids Costumes
Worth It if the costumes double as dress up for the kids. Halloween costumes that get played with for weeks and months are great fun and if you can pick up a special costume for 50% Off it's worth it.

Not Worth It, buying next years Halloween costume for your kids now. Why? Unless you know what size they will be next year or what their favorite Superhero or cartoon character will be, the risk in buying now could result in wasted money and tantrums. So save the cash for next years Halloween costume until next year.

Halloween Party Supplies
Worth It, better quality runners and tablecloths provide the best value and can last years if not decades.

Might be Worth It Tableware and partyware these items are often themed and unless you know next years Halloween party theme you might just change your mind. However generic kids theme like Happy Pumpkins and Silly Monsters are pretty timeless and if you can find cups, plates, and accents to match it is worth saving now.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Worth It, if you do yard displays and want to add a few thing now is a great time to pick up extra tombstones, fences and hanging ghouls that blow in the wind.

Not Worth It - Large electronic animated Halloween props. First you need to check right away if the props work properly and then you have to properly store if in a safe place for a year. While in most cases nothing will go wrong, we just like knowing that it works for Halloween. If something does go wrong, you can't return it.

Other Halloween Items
Worth It
Items you will use and those you need. So if you know you will use the Halloween party favors or a Mummy window cover or your kids enjoy the idea of playing in a dungeon then pick up the scene setter and enjoy a spooky November.

Not Worth It
Food items, we prefer fresh over aged candy. Latex balloons and masks, stored properly the balloons and masks will be fine however dry heat or sun damage could ruin them plus the latex ages and gets weaker over time. And for all the rest of the Halloween items if you have to think where you might store it or just are sure about whether to buy it or not then just save your money and wait til next year.

Halloween is a wonderful holiday and now is a great time to pick up spooky bargain, but just make sure those purchases don't come back to haunt you next Halloween!

Shop these online Halloween stores for Halloween clearance and discounts.
BuyCostumes - Clearance Costumes & Party Supplies
SpiritHalloween - After Halloween Clearance

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