Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Successful Bachelorette Parties without Alcohol

Can you have a successful Bachelorette party without alcohol?

The answer is - Yes!

A successful bachelorette party is based on friends and fun, so if your bride to be is under the legal drinking age or she doesn't drink you can consider lots of other activities.

Silly & Fun Bachelorette Party
Base the bachelorette party on a theme of silly, fun or self embarrassment.
Plan a Karaoke party and have everyone sing solo or in groups and to spice it up have the ladies re-write lyrics and make them a little naughty.

Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt and have fun group photos taken around town. Example: Get a photo with a fire man, police officer, two guys old enough to be the bride's father, etc... Have fun just don't be insulting. This bachelorette scavenger hunt should get you started.

Like to Laugh? Then challenge your gal pals to an Improv Comedy Night and see how their quick wit responds.

Consider a Spa Bachelorette Party
This concept revolves around relaxation, girl talk and pampering. While some women go to the spa for such events others do it at home.

Consider a nice a nice lunch or dinner or brunch by a pool and then have manicures, pedicure, facials and / or hire a massage therapist for mini massages. You can then take cosmo quizes, talk about guys and married life, play bachelorette games and throw in a romantic movie to top things off. Easy fun and simple.

Have a Naughty Bachelorettte Party
Just because there is no drinking, doesn't mean that you can't had a lingerie fashion show or show a kama sutra book or talk about sex. Remember she is getting married. Just work within her comfort zone, the goal is a fun time for all.

If you do game that verge on naughty you may want to play games like Pass the Vibrator, I Never or Decorate the Man's Private Parts as these games are sure to get the conversations started.

So now you know you can plan a successful bachelorette party at any age and whether or not there is alcohol. Just plan ahead, consider the bride's personality and plan for a successful bachelorette party.

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Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1st Birthday Party Tips and New Games

Based on popular demand and requests for First Birthday Games, we have put together a 1st Birthday Party page to help make this event a little less stressful.

While doing my research, I read pages and pages of advice and tips, however I have saved you some time by taking paragraphs of fluff and sharing what you need to know in about 2 -3 sentences.

And best of all, I put together some games that are perfect for 1st Birthday Parties. These games are perfect to celebrate the birthday and others will help keep other toddlers and kids entertained too. So, if you are planning to celebrate a 1st Birthday and need games and ideas for you special occasion be sure to check out our new 1st Birthday Party page.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Trivia Games - Fun Quizzes for Easter

Fun Easter Trivia games are perfect for kids, teens and adults. Plus you can choose from novelty trivia from the Easter Bunny to more serious trivia concerning Jesus and the Bible.

The good new is that trivia provides a fun way to test knowledge and educate. So if you are having a family gathering, Church event or group activity consider some of the challenge Easter Trivia games.

Easter Bible Trivia - Test how well you know the resurection
Fans of Passion of the Christ will enjoy this movie based Trivia game

Peter Cottontail Song Lyrics - Do you really know this Childrens' Easter Song!
Can You Match This Easter Item with That One? - Try your luck at linking Easter Items

Enjoy Word Challenges more than Trivia games then check out these Word Games
Easter Word Challenge - Kind of Sudoku for Words
Peter Rabbit Word Scramble - Unscramble these Easter terms first and win
Jesus Saves Secret Message - Race to decode the secret message

Here for more printable Easter games.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Easter Games from Party Game Ideas

We have been putting on our thinking caps and came up with some New Easter Games for Party Game Ideas.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
The Easter Bunny went to place Easter eggs in the Easter baskets, but when he turned around the eggs were missing. Squabbles the Squirrel had hidden them and now the Easter Bunny needs your help to find them! Get Easter Egg Treasure Hunt details.

Easter Egg Relay Race
After the Easter Eggs are found, enjoy this relay race that will challenge their skills and provide plenty of smiles.

Easter Hop Spot
Kids hop around this game board moving from space to space, but if they can't make it they are out of the game. Fun for the under 7 crowd.

Easter Bingo
Need a fun game that young and old can play, while waiting for dinner or before the Easter egg hunt? Well Easter Bingo should do the trick. We have a do it yourself version plus Bible and picture Bingo versions too!

For more Party Games and Activities Visit Party Game Ideas.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Model Game Perfect for Slumber Parties

For tween girls this might be the perfect game / activity for a Slumber Party.

If your kids are into America's Next Top Model or Make Me a Supermodel then our Freeze Frame Model Game should be a big hit during your next sleepover.

I'll give you the basic concept and then link to the game details page.

You'll need music, topics or emotions, digital camera and a computer.

Guests will be given a emotion or phrase and when the music stops strike a pose. The mom then takes a photo or each guest. Then another emotion / phrase is announced and the process happens again.

After the photos are taken, place on a Word doc and then the kids or judge vote on the best photo for each emotion / phrase the person who wins the most pose downs wins.

View Freeze Frame Model Game details

Silly, fun and different.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bible Games and Activities for Easter

Looking for Bible games for Palm Sunday and Easter?
Want fun Sunday School activities for your Church that showcases Faith and the Bible?

Well, we have them for you Bible Trivia, Bible Word Finds, Word Scrabbles and more. Some games are specifically for Easter and other Bible games can be used year round.

So if you need something fun for your kids and adults check out these printable Bible games that are perfect for Easter.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady