Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Easter Games from Party Game Ideas

We have been putting on our thinking caps and came up with some New Easter Games for Party Game Ideas.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
The Easter Bunny went to place Easter eggs in the Easter baskets, but when he turned around the eggs were missing. Squabbles the Squirrel had hidden them and now the Easter Bunny needs your help to find them! Get Easter Egg Treasure Hunt details.

Easter Egg Relay Race
After the Easter Eggs are found, enjoy this relay race that will challenge their skills and provide plenty of smiles.

Easter Hop Spot
Kids hop around this game board moving from space to space, but if they can't make it they are out of the game. Fun for the under 7 crowd.

Easter Bingo
Need a fun game that young and old can play, while waiting for dinner or before the Easter egg hunt? Well Easter Bingo should do the trick. We have a do it yourself version plus Bible and picture Bingo versions too!

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Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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