Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Trivia Games - Fun Quizzes for Easter

Fun Easter Trivia games are perfect for kids, teens and adults. Plus you can choose from novelty trivia from the Easter Bunny to more serious trivia concerning Jesus and the Bible.

The good new is that trivia provides a fun way to test knowledge and educate. So if you are having a family gathering, Church event or group activity consider some of the challenge Easter Trivia games.

Easter Bible Trivia - Test how well you know the resurection
Fans of Passion of the Christ will enjoy this movie based Trivia game

Peter Cottontail Song Lyrics - Do you really know this Childrens' Easter Song!
Can You Match This Easter Item with That One? - Try your luck at linking Easter Items

Enjoy Word Challenges more than Trivia games then check out these Word Games
Easter Word Challenge - Kind of Sudoku for Words
Peter Rabbit Word Scramble - Unscramble these Easter terms first and win
Jesus Saves Secret Message - Race to decode the secret message

Here for more printable Easter games.

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