Monday, August 10, 2009

New Bachelorette Party Supplies Accessories

Looking for something new for your Bachelorette Party? Well, we just reviewed are newest bachelorette party accessories and games and noted which ones are selling fast.

So if you are not sure what to buy for your friends bachelorette party then these items might put the right sizzle into your evening of fun!

1. The Little Bit Naughty Veil - Simple but tasteful
2. Huge Light-Up Engagement Ring - This ring can't be missed
3. Pecker Nose Eyeglasses - Embarrassing - Yes Big Time
4. Glow Bracelets - Fun and Whimsical
5. The Giant Pecker Candle - The Fire Will Burn All Night
6. The Last Ride For the Bride Party Pack - Fun Party Supplies
7. Giant Dicky Straws - Colorful and a Little Naughty
8. The Sexy Man Cake Pan - Seconds Anyone?
9. The Lick Me Willy Cookie - It's a Big Cookie!
10. Pecker Poppers - Beacuase at the End of the Night - Eveyone Wants a Bang!

Sorry the last one might have been a poor choice of words, but I couldn't pass it up. lol

Anyways, I hope this new bachelorette party supplies allow you to have a fun bachelorette party. And if you need any Bachelorette Party Games visit my site for games and ideas.

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