Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party Games Question - Any Ideas on Turning Ice Breaker Questions into Limericks?

I received this questions via the Party Game Ideas Facebook page and I thought the answer was to long to post there, but the blog is perfect for answering this party challenge.

The Question:
Ideas for Easy Ice Breaker Questions that Can Be Turned into Limericks?

1. While I do have some ideas to help you come up with Ice Breaker Limericks, I think they will take a little bit of time to craft. One quick way to start thinking about putting this together might be to review the Unwrap the Gift Game with a Poem or Rhyme. This uses clues to pass a gift around and elements in the clues can be used for your limericks.

2. How complex do you want the limericks to be? Simple like find them and ask about a book, travel or just introduce yourself or is it a clue like a treasure hunt. In my opinion, Keep It Simple and just get your guests talking.

3. Consider what to place in the limerick that identifies quests consider:
Clothing colors: blue, green, orange, red, yellow, brown...
Clothing Items: Hat, shoes, skirt, blouse, pants, shirt...
Accessories: Watch, necklace, handbag, ring...

Now consider various topics your guests might enjoy talking about: Music, Plays, Books, Beer, Wine, Coffee, Travel, etc...

4. Finally You Can Start Creating Limericks from these various ideas.

Find Someone Wearing a Ring
And ask them if they like to Sing

If there is a boy wearing blue
Find out if they enjoy dancing too

Raise your Glass and Give a Toast
Say Something you Like about Your Host

Ask someone wearing Green
What's the last movie you have seen?

Find a person drinking red wine
And ask them if travel is on their mind
If the say yes, your in luck
Ask where would they go if they had $100 bucks

Basically you can make the ice breaker limericks be general or very specific. If quests will be seated during the event you could even mix in limericks that involve stating left and right attributes.

My last tip is to do this task with a few friends and spend sometime brainstorming for words and phrases that are fun and fit your theme. A group effort will allow you to be more creative and have more limericks to use at your party.

Hope you found this helpful.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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