Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Selling Bachelorette Party Items for Spring!

Curious what other Bachelorette's parties are doing and wearing at Bachelorette parties across the US.

Well we found out what some of the best selling items are for 2011 and we wanted to share so you can hit your Bachelorette party out of the park.

It's no surprise that bachelorette parties are a little naughty, but we were surprised to learn that 4 out of the Top 5 Best Sellers are well; just a little below the belt!

1. Penis Party Straws
These party straws have been a top seller for a while and add a little bit of fun and naughtiness without being over the top.

2. Captain Pecker - Giant Inflatable
Well this Bachorette novelty is sure to make a statement whether you have a private party at home or head out on the town. This 6' inflatable is sure to start conversations, make it's way into photos and should be sent home with a single friend.

3. Pin the Macho on the Man
Who doesn't like a little Macho? Well as long as it is placed in the right spot. This silly game is sure to amuse, entertain and a great way to get the party started.

4. Pecker Pinata
Well, when I said you would be able to knock your Bachelorette party "Out of the Park" I wasn't kidding. This Pinata can take a lot of wacks and still delivery a surprise of candy or naughty treats.

5. Bachelorette Tiara
Classic and cute this Tiara will make the bride to be look like the Princess she is.

While these are the most popular Bachelorette party items by sales you may want to consider these items and others to round out your Bachelorette party.
- The Bachelorette Sash
Where simple or over the top the Bachelorette Sash is a Bar Hopping Bachelorette Party must have.

- Bachelorette Games
Choose from fun and flirty bar games like Male Stereotypes or a variety of printable Bachelorette party games that work for all ages.

- Male Cake Molds & More
Have some silly fun by making cakes, shots, ice cubes and more items in the shape of a male organ. Silly, fun and a polite way the she can have her cake and eat it too!

We know throwing a Bachelorette party is tough, but just remember to always be in the bride's comfort zone, have fun and be safe. This way you will be sure to have a wonderful event.

Need more Bachelorette party games, scavenger hunt ideas or activities then visit the Bachelorette Party Games part of my site.

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