Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange - A New Holiday Twist

We wanted something new for a gift exchange, so we put our heads together and brought together Texas Hold'em and a Gift Exchange to create a Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange.

While your first reaction might be "That we take hours." don't worry we have taken that into consideration and adjusted the game a little bit to keep it to 30 - 60 minutes.

While reviewing ideas on how to play we also tweaked a few standard gift exchange rules and added a twist to the end. However, the winner of the Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange does get the pick of gifts so winning is worthwhile.

Here is a link on How to Host a Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange and a few game items
- Works best for 6 - 20 people
- Each player starts with just 4 poker chips
- Played like Texas Hold'em Poker
- Recommended that gifts can not be safe
- And for fun include in the end of game twist

Click here to get all the game details on a Texas Hold 'em Gift Exchange.

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