Friday, August 27, 2010

Toy Story & Cute - Lead Early Halloween Sales for Infants and Kids

It is only August and while many retailers are still waiting for Halloween costumes, props and accessories to arrive early Halloween costumes trends are emerging and so far cute and Toy Story costumes are leading the pack.

While adults may be puting off Halloween costume purchases until later, they are not waiting to purchase their children as infant and children's costumes as they have learned in the past - buy now and it is yours, wait and you might have an unhappy child. Basically, the ease and convenience of buying Halloween costumes early can often outweigh a frantic last minute search.

While we are surprised that anyone would buy a Halloween costume so early, history shows that trends start now and stores only have all the costume sizes early and with retailers running with lean costume inventories it makes sense to act now.

Top Infant Halloween Costumes for August
5. Dragon Costume
Cute and colorful animal, novelty and flower Halloween costumes are tops for infants.

Popular kids Halloween costumes reflect summer movies, Disney and video games.
Woody Toy Story Costume1. Toy Story Costumes - Woody, Jessie, Buzz, more
2. Tinkerbell and Disney Princess Costumes
3. Super Mario Bros. Costumes
4. Batman and Spider-man
5. Harry Potter Costumes - Still Going Strong

Although we expect some new additions to the more popular Halloween costumes list over the next few weeks, expect to see a lot of cute infants, Toy Story costumes, Princesses and Superheros this Halloween.

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