Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Cookout Murder Mystery - Death Downunder

With Graduations, Pool Parties, Father's Day and the Fourth of July summer is the time to have a cookout. So make your cookout unique by hosting a Murder Mystery Cookout!

Here is the synopsis: A neighbourly bar-be-que Downunder is rudely cut shot when the host, Willy Willy, is found dead in the kitchen - skewered through the heart! The invited guests, an intriguing mix of colourful local residents, have the task of solving the murder. Can they crack the case before the chicken gets cold?

Death Downunder is a simple to use, entertaining Murder Mystery appropriate for both first timers and regular players. With scripted dialogue to enhance the rounds, this light hearted murder mystery brings a whole new meaning to bar-be-que skewers!

Most people think Murder Mystery; that is just silly, but have you ever tried one. Yes the can be silly and fun and entertaining and memorable and maybe the best cookout you've ever had.

The good news is that you get the Host & Guest Instructions, Character Descriptions, Games Clues, Invitations, Suggested Recipes and more - so what you need to do is get ready for an interesting Murder Mystery.

Death Downunder Murder Mystery
This event is rated for ages 13+ and involves 6-12 characters with 1 optional inspector.

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