Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Steps to a Successful Halloween Party

I received my first Halloween Party invitation and thought, oh my I haven't written my Halloween Party planning blog yet!

So here it is, 10 Steps to a Successful Halloween Party

1. Set the Date
Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, so there are going to be lots of big parties. Many people are planning parties the weekend before October 23rd and 24th, so that that guests can spend time with kids trick or treating and attending large community events. Smaller social events like dinner parties and group events are being geared towards October 28th and 29th. If you are having a small dinner party be sure to check out our Halloween Murder Mystery page. And last the big Halloween parties are taking place on the October 30th and 31st.

2. Confirm the type of Halloween Party
What to wear: Costumes or casual dress
Attendees: Adults and/or kids
Activities: Halloween games, active outdoor games, scavenger hunts or social gathering

3. Determine Halloween Party Theme
Superheroes, Favorite Monster, Animals, Dead Celebrity, Horror Movies, Recycle a Costume, Most Creative or just a Classic Halloween Costume Party.

4. Send out Halloween Party Invitations
As we said we already received our 1st Halloween Party invitation. So it is time to start getting them ready. Use Evite or consider Halloween invitations like the one shown. If mailing we recommend sending them out between now September and by October 5th. This is very important if you are asking for an RSVP and if other parties are being planned.

5. Set a Budget
This year it is more important than ever to set your budget and stay within it. So, determine how much you want to spend on food, decorations and your costume and then see if you can spend less. Visit Thrift stores, yard sales and look for natural solutions to cut expenses without your guests knowing.

6. Plan Halloween decorations to fit your theme.
Get a general idea of what type of decorations you want and see what you already have and make a list of things you need to buy. Fake tombstone, fogger machine, candle accents, then rank what is most important and purchase must haves first. We found a variety of indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations here.

7. Get your Halloween Costume
Whether you are planning on making your own Halloween costume or purchasing a new costume, it's important that you take care of this purchase by the 10th or at least the 15th of October. Why? Because it will ease your mind and let you focus on the party.

8. Plan Activities or Halloween Games
Office event, kid’s party or adults only, mixing in Halloween games or activities help people mingle and keep them entertained. For offices consider printable Halloween trivia games to challenge them, for kids do fun activity games or read a scary story and pass around fake body parts and for adults challenge with trivia or Halloween scavenger hunts. We now have over 50 Halloween party games!

9. Plan your Food Menu
Decide whether to go with simple foods or cool haunting foods. One tip even if you go basic, have one wow item like finger sandwiches that look like fingers, cookies that look like eyes, etc... this way one item will be a fun conversation piece. (And hopefully tasty too) If you are limited on funds, ask for guest to bring something. Soda, ice, meatballs, bbq, chips and dip, etc... This helps reduce costs and allows you to be relaxed during the party.

10. Decorate, pre-stage and make final checklist of things to do.
The weekend before your Halloween party make a plan where everything will go and if you have a lot of items start setting up. One tip is to group everything that goes in each room together and do a sketch of where things go. This is helpful if you have help when setting up your party. Next group food, favors, review guest list and make final checklist of items you still need to purchase.

Follow these 10 Tips and You will have a Successful Halloween Party!
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady