Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What to Write in Your Valentine's Day Card, Interesting

I was online and doing some research and ran across this page, "What to Write in Your Valentine's Day Card." So I took a peek and thought it was fun and good advice so I decided to share it.

While it doesn't tell you exactly what to write in your Valentine's Day card, it does give you;
Do's and Don'ts for Valentine's cards
Tips for writing to your Crush, new relationships and serious relationships.

The page ends with some examples of What you can write in your Valentine's day card.

plus if you need some other inspiration, you can view some vintage Valentine's Day cards they have on the site from the 1920 - 1950's.

Basically if you need some help writing your Valentine's Day cards then check out this page.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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