Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's In the Diaper Game - Baby Shower Game

What's In the Diaper Game

Before the game begins and the candy is smeared into the diaper you should number the diapers so there is no confusion as to what candy is in which diaper. Then melt (microwave for 5 -20 seconds) or smash 10 different kinds of candy (m&m's, snickers, baby ruth, skittles) and put into a diaper.

Then pass the diapers with the smashed candy in it around the rooms, each guest must examine and smell the contents of the diaper to determine what the candy it is.

Then they write down the name of the candy on a sheet of paper, the guest with the most right wins a small prize.

This is a classic and even more fun for couples showers! Have the camera ready for some classic photos.

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