Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kids Game - Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon race If you are indoors, you may want to use hard boiled eggs, small potatoes or ping pong balls, if outside you can use regular eggs. You'll need to decide on a starting point and a finish line or a second line for a relay race.

You can be this game with each guest being a contestant or you can play is as a team (as a relay). Place an egg on the spoon, the child must walk from the starting line to the finish line without dropping the egg or ball. The first one to cross the line with the egg still on the spoon wins.

If you play teams, divide the guests into 2 teams. Then split the teams so that half of the team is at the starting point and the other is at the finish line, if needed one child can go twice. To start each team has one spoon and egg/ball, other play from each team starts the race by walking the course (or to where a the finish line is) and giving the spoon to the next team member who goes back to the starting point this continues until all the players have completed the race. The team to complete the process first, wins.

Note: During the relay race, if the egg or ball is dropped then the team member can pick it up but must go back to their starting point. Make more complex by making contestant walk around obstacles.

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