Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chirstmas Carol, Cookie Exchange, Santa's Helpers and a Dozen Other Fun Christmas Party Ideas

Need ideas for your Christmas party and just don't know where to start?

Well good news Party Game Ideas has put together a list of fun, unique and tried and true Christmas Party Themes. So now instead of spending hours trying to come up with just the right theme you can be inspire by one of ours.

While we have the basic Gift Exchange ideas like White Elelphant and Chinese Gift Exchange we also have put together some unique Christmas party ideas too.

Here are a few:
Christmas Carol Party
Have a group that likes to sing and would even go caroling? Then consider a Christmas Caroling party, we guests can sip eggnog and sing around a piano if you have one. Another option is to get or rent a karaoke and guests can sing Christmas songs.

If you group is a little shine start of with large groups or everybody singing carols. If you are part of a singing troupe this can lead to Caroling in the neighborhood and returning to your house for warm cider, hot cocoa and cookies. Plus we have Christmas Carol Party Games for this theme.

Cookie Exchange
Don’t spend your holidays baking cookies every weekend, invite friends and family together for a fun cookie exchange party and go home with lots of different cookies. This is a great Holiday party theme for small social groups, Mom's and those who love to bake. Plus a variation for you.

Santa's Helpers Christmas Party
Tired of White Elephant parties and recycled gifts that you never use, then consider a Santa's Helpers or Santa's Little Helpers Party where guests bring items that will be given to charity.

Canned food for the local Food Bank
Sweaters and Warm Blankets for a Shelter / Homeless
Or Guests can place a donation of cash in one box and the name of a charity name in a bowl. At the end of the night, select one of the submitted charities and then donate all the funds to that charity.

Check out more Christmas Party Themes and Ideas and Happy Holidays.

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New Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange - A New Holiday Twist

We wanted something new for a gift exchange, so we put our heads together and brought together Texas Hold'em and a Gift Exchange to create a Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange.

While your first reaction might be "That we take hours." don't worry we have taken that into consideration and adjusted the game a little bit to keep it to 30 - 60 minutes.

While reviewing ideas on how to play we also tweaked a few standard gift exchange rules and added a twist to the end. However, the winner of the Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange does get the pick of gifts so winning is worthwhile.

Here is a link on How to Host a Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange and a few game items
- Works best for 6 - 20 people
- Each player starts with just 4 poker chips
- Played like Texas Hold'em Poker
- Recommended that gifts can not be safe
- And for fun include in the end of game twist

Click here to get all the game details on a Texas Hold 'em Gift Exchange.

Need more Christmas Gift Exchange ideas including White Elephant Gift Exchange, Chinese Gift Exchange, Yankee Swap or more well we have them and over 40 other Christmas Party Games.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Clearance - Costumes, Decorations and Party Supplies

Halloween 2010 RIP

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