Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Games for Before and After Easter Egg Hunts

Looking for some fun activities for Easter events. Well we have put together a group of Easter games that can be played at Easter events in classrooms or after the Easter Egg hunt is over.

Before Easter you can play
Easter Bingo - There are Image games for the kids and regular Bingo for adults
Bunny Hop Balloon Race - Is a fast paced game for kids and classrooms
Easter Hop Spot - Involves rolling dice and seeing who can finish first

After your Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Toss - Fun, silly and a great way to crack a hard boiled egg
Easter Egg Relay Race - Kids must keep the egg on the spoon for this relay game

Check these Easter Games and more at Party Game Ideas Easter page.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bunny Hop Balloon Relay Game - Fun Easter Game

Surprise Easter is less then two weeks away and it is time to start planning kids Easter games and activities.

I just add a simple an fun Easter game - Bunny Hop Balloon Relay Race. This game we have kids moving around and hopping to get their balloon to the basket.

This game is perfect for a gym, classroom, garage or rec room and if you already have some balloons around the house; then this game won't cost anything.

This is one of a small group of Easter games we have on our site, Party Game Ideas. Get instructions and details for Bunny Hop Balloon Relay Race now.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Ready to Go - Kids Party Games

We know that most of our party games are do it yourself games and that sometimes you just don't have the time or tools to build or create a ring toss game, bean game game or other party games that are colorful and fun.

Well we took some time and pulled together a fun assortment of Ready to Play Party Games that you can order.

These kid's party games include themed bean bag toss games with clowns, butterflies, baseball, bugs and animals, ring toss games in the shape of a Birthday cake, flamingo and star, bowling games, clothes pin game, boochie, target games and more.

Throughout the year we with update these ready to go kids party games so you can easily find great games anytime.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Games - Fast & Easy

So you just realized the St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday, yes 2 days away, and your office, class or youth group is looking to you for St. Patrick's Day activities.

Well you have two choices
1. Call in sick on St. Patrick's Day
2. Get printable St. Patrick's Day games

I know what you are saying, I don't have time and I am saying if you have 15 - 20 minutes you have enough time to look like a hero on St. Patrick's Day.

Consider these printable games
St. Patrick's Day Bingo - Fun for office lunches, classroom activities for 1st - 4th, youth groups, senior centers and more
St. Patrick's Trivia - Play at office contests, before you head to the Irish parade or just as a brain teaser
St. Patrick's day Word Games - Word finds, scrambles, riddles, hidden phrases and more are great for classroom activities for kids.

Overall you get more than 20 St. Patrick's Day games and they can be ready to play in minutes without leaving your office or home.

Have fun
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Need Irish Song Lyrics for Your St. Patrick's day? We Found Them

Want to know the words to your favorite Irish Song or Irish Pub Song for St. Patrick's Day?

I spotted this site with lyrics to a variety of Irish Songs.

Want to turn the lyrics into a game? Let take songs that you and your friends think you know by heart. Print out a master list of lyrics for yourself and then create a list of songs that include only the first verse of a song.

Then invite contestants up to test their skills. Invite everyone to start singing one of the Irish songs and then at the end of the first verse the person (contestant) must sing the next verse. They win if they get it right. (You decide the prize!)

Have Fun
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mystery Gift Pass - Will Keep Your Birthday Party Guests Guessing

Looking for a different kid's birthday party game other than Musical Chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Well then check out our Mystery Gift Pass Game

Well a while back I put together the idea of making Pass the Gift / Pass the Parcel a little more action oriented.

In the standard Pass the Gift game you pass the gift until the music stops and then unwrap a layer of the game and the person to unwrap the gift the last time gets the gift inside the box. It is a fun game in itself, but we thought it could be more fun.

So we came up with Mystery Gift Pass and the idea to add a surprise to each unwrapping by placing actions or extra prizes in the mix. This really makes the game much more interesting as you might have to Talk like Donald Duck or Hop on one Foot or Do a charade, etc...

This way every time you unwrap a layer of the gift, you don't know what your going to get. If you like this idea get more details at Mystery Gift Pass Game and if you are still looking then check out our site for more Birthday Party Games.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Games for Young and Old!

St. Patrick's Day is a week away and both young and old will be celebrating. But with a week day Holiday, that means celebrations are happening before, during and after St. Patrick's Day; it's almost like it is a week long holiday this year.

Well if you are hosting a St. Patrick's day party, classroom event or an office challenge we got some St. Patrick's Day games for you.

For kids and indoors consider printable St. Patrick's day games they mix riddles, bingo and trivia so they work for classroom fun and extra challenges if the kids are bored. Check out printable St. Patrick's Day games.

For pre-school activities, I recommend St. Patrick's Day Corners where you play music and kids choose a corner and randomly they are eliminated from the game. Little kids can play this several times and have a great time. Get the game details for this St. Patrick's game.

For kids and outdoors, why not set up a St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt and find the Leprechaun's Gold. Be creative have fun and don't forget to hide the gold.

Adults going out on St. Patrick's Day may want to create a St. Patrick's Day Photo Scavenger Hunt where you need to find people in costumes or go to places to get photos taken. Then have everyone post photos online and share.

St. Patrick's Day can be pretty dull, but challenge co-workers to various trivia games and see who knows the most about the Irish. These printable Irish games are easy and can be ready in 15 minutes.

This should help add a little fun to your St. Patrick's Day celebration and don't forget your St. Patrick's Day costumes, beads, hats and party supplies.

Have a great time.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Classic Baby Shower Game - Measure Mommy

One of the simplest and fun to play baby shower games is Measure Mommy.

Take string, yarn or toilet paper and ask each guest to take off the amount that will fit around the Mommy’s body, however don’t state what part of the body. See the variations for more.

Simple and fun tell guests to select a length of string, yarn or toilet paper that will fit around the mommy’s body. Be specific “mommy’s body” avoid saying belly as this is the catch as most people will think that is what you mean.

Once everyone has selected their amount you now have a choice you can choose the classic measure around the belly or you can change it up.

Without saying anything, measure the part of the body that will apply for the game.
Traditional and fun: Mommy’s belly
Untraditional options: chest, calf, head, ankle, hips

Once you have the measurement, measure against guests string, yarn or toilet paper lengths and the person closest to the real measurement wins.

This game takes 5 - 12 minutes to play and can be played by men, women and children!

This is one of over 50 baby shower games we feature on Party Game Ideas, your source for 100's of do it yourself party games.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
Visit us for do it yourself Baby Shower Games and Printable Shower Games too!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Help - I Need Bachelorette Party Ideas for Under 21!

Several times a year I get an email; Dear Party Game Ideas Lady,

The bride or members of the wedding party are under 21, so what can we do for the Bachelorette Party?

Here are some Bachelorette party idea answers I have shared with them.

Does your bride want a wild time or just a last time with her best friends?

For those who want a risque evening just have unique activities but don't include alcohol.
- Host the event at a hotel, vacation rental or someone's house.
- Have Lingerie or sex toy party (Here for some gift ideas)
- Decide whether to get a stripper - Here is an article on hiring a stripper.
- Play I Never or Share Romantic Stories
- Share sex tips, fantasies or best and worst experiences
- Play a fun game of decorate the mens private parts or pass the vibrator

Basically have fun, share secrets and have a great bachelorette party.

For those who want a Girl's Night Bachelorette party to share sisterhood.
- Plan a spa afternoon or day (go to a spa or do it yourself)
- Take Cosmo quizes
- Go to a hotel - Relax by the pool and play Stud or Dud for fun
- Play Who knows the Bachelorette? or other easy printable games
- Act like kids and go Bowling, Skating or a Concert together
- Do a photo Scavenger Hunt or to do list around the city - Be Silly & Fun
(Just adjust to be outside the bars)
- Go sing Karaoke or rent a Karaoke machine for the Bachelorette party
- Try a Murder Mystery or Improv evening - different and fun

The success of the Bachelorette Party is based on the bride to be and her friends have a great time together and creating special memories. So have fun and make it a great bachelorette party for all.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
Visit my site for more Bachelorette Party Games

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oscar Games for Oscar Parties and Office Fun

Are you a fan of the Academy Awards?
Do you have an Oscars Party?
Does your office enjoy trivia fun and competition?

Well then we got some great ideas for this weekends Academy Awards; Oscar Party games!

Yes these party games are fun and we give you tips on doing it yourself or picking up some printable Oscar games for a fun office activity or a gathering among friends.

The most popular game is Predict the Oscar Winner. This is easy and fun a each co-worker or guests picks who they think will win the Oscar. The person with the most right wins.
Need a tie-breaker then consider asking - How much will Avatar have earned as of March 7, 2010. You can find the answer at Box Office Mojo on Monday.

Other Oscar games can be Oscar Trivia, Best Actress, Best Actor and best Director match and trivia games. Get tips and ideas for each type of game and printable Oscar games to - so you don't have to do any work but print and play.

Can't get enough of the Oscars - Go to the Official Oscars web site.

Have fun this weekend.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady