Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Party Favors – This Year Keep It Simple

Every year someone in the office has to come up with party favors or small gifts for the Christmas or Holiday party, sometimes these gifts are over the top but in many cases they a company pens, silly toys and company shirts.

I can be honest, I never got a shirt that fit or looked good, so I never wore it. This year consider giving a smaller gift that is easy and it sure to be used.

One thing everyone understands is that times are tough, so most employees understand smaller gifts. Honestly, I always preferred a little more cash over a gift I would never use.

Here are my favorite Christmas Party Favors
Add a company logo or personal thank you where the photo goes and then the receiver can just switch out the photo later.
Starts at about $2.15 each, comes in sets of 4. The more you order the less they cost.

This is great! Give personalized holiday greetings and fresh breathe at the same time, easy and fun.

Runs $2.50 each with minimum order of 30 tins.

A great way to send a Holiday message full of smiles and good taste.
These run $2.75 with a 24 order minimum.

Some other favorites include Personalized Hot Cocoa Packets, Cookies Recipe Gifts, Holiday Cookies and Snowflake Bottle Stoppers.
Still not sure then check out some additional Holiday Party Favors: Snowflake Favors here and additional Christmas Favors here.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday sales and Promotions from the Party Lady

I know I often blog about Party Games, but you can't pass up savings these days.

Well I want to share some with you:
Out Entire Party Store is 20% for the weekend! Prices reflect the Saving - That means you can save on Christmas and New Year's Eve party supplies.

The Letter from Santa we feature is now running 10% off coupon!
NOW SAVE 10% Off Letters from SANTA - Use Code: SNOW10

And my friend at the Gift Idea Center, has put together a list of Coupons and Holiday promotions so you can save on your Christmas gifts.

This is a great way to save extra cash, save gas and not deal with the mall crowds tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Classroom Games and Activities

One of the toughest parts of teaching is keeping the kids attention and keeping them out of trouble. What is even tougher is doing so right before a holiday weekend.

While most kids will be attentive on Monday and part of the day on Tuesday, some will not even be in on Wednesday as families head off for family gathering near and far.

So as they say in the Boy Scouts – “Be Prepared,” with a variety of Printable Thanksgiving games and activities to keep them entertained and you covered.

These activities range from word finds and scrambles to trivia games and brain teasers to Thanksgiving bingo. Basically these games are simple, fun and easy to print right from your computer.

Plus you can get a Thanksgiving value pack of 30 games and activities for under $20 or get a full year of 175 printable holiday games including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and more for under $40.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Make it a Memorable Holiday Party with Photo Stand-ins

Holiday photo stand-ins turn your ordinary Holiday party into a unique event.

Living in Orlando I have learned one thing, photos build memories. I walk in Downtown Disney and there are Princesses, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Lego sharks and so much more and everyday thousands of people take pictures by these unique items.

So why have an ordinary Holiday party when you can create a special photo opportunity for friends, families and guests?

And the best part is that it is easy to do. Unlike Disney you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a statue or display, you can pick up a great holiday photo stand-in for under $100 and make a ton of great memories yourself.

We got such a response from blogging about this the other day; I decided to review it again. Santa's Sleigh Photo Stand-in Christmas Party - Santa Photo OpHoliday Party Santa Scene for PhotosHere are three we found.

What is best is these are great at all types of holiday parties including office, friends, country club, YMCA, classroom, youth group or any holiday activity in a fun event. This is great for kids and it makes great memories too.

So be creative and enjoy.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, November 17, 2008

Successful Office Holiday Party with these 10 Tips

Congrats, you’re in charge of the office Christmas party this year. Maybe you have done it many times or it could be your first time, in either case how do you plan for a successful Holiday party? Simple use Party Game Ideas to find activities and follow my Christmas Party Tips.

Here are my tips for a Successful Holiday Party.

1. Clarify the budget
In tough times everyone is looking to reduce costs but have a great time. So, check with your boss and determine what this year’s budget is. Be prepared to call in favors and ask for help to make your party a success.

2. Location
Will your Holiday party be out of the office or in? To save money, see if you can hold it at the office, if it is not possible then work to negotiate a better deal this year. Holiday parties allow you to maintain the level of gift giving yet it can save hundreds or thousands on your holiday party costs.

For events outside the office, this years theme is negotiate or have several places bidding for your business. If you book with a hotel or convention weekend, see if you can have them donate prizes to your event. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

3. Who will attend?
Determine whether it will be employees, employees and dates or employees and their families. One key factor is whether or not children will be there as kids get a little restless so you will need activities or events for them.

4. Holiday Party Theme
Is there a holiday party theme or is it a social holiday gathering? Themes could be Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Winter Wonderland, Happy Holidays, etc… this could help you define prizes, party favors and decorations.

5. Party Activities
I have found it easiest to think of your holiday party in sections; beginning, middle and end. For most Christmas and Holiday parties, you have a social time, the meal, after meal activities like holiday gift exchanges or games, Santa and presents or party favors.

If it is adults only, you may want some Christmas trivia games and a gift exchange before any prize or Santa event. However, if you have lots of kids try to have a table for kids to do coloring and various pen and paper games. Here are printable Christmas games and activities that should work. After dinner try to have an interactive family game like Find Santa’s Reindeer (you could use elves to) to get the kids up and moving before they have to sit again.

6. Holiday Party Invitations
Once you have the basics decided, sent out your invitation. You can do an online invitation, general email or send out your own. Note with the busy holiday season, the sooner you send the invitation the better. Make sure to include all the basic information including Where, when, who is invited, theme and any other pertinent details.

7. Christmas Party Decorations
You can choose to go simple and elegant or over the top with decorations, I find simple works best. Wrap a variety of boxes in colorful paper and stack, add a Christmas tree and a few other items like hanging snowflakes or reindeer and you are set.

Christmas Party Photo Stand InMake the event more memorable with a simple photo stand-in. A holiday photo stand-in is basically a great photo opportunity for all attending and is great for parents and co-workers. I have found these really become a focal point and help build fond memories of the event.

So if it is in the budget try and creates a photo opportunity that is sure to spread good cheer!

8. Plan Holiday Party Menu
This is one event where I recommend you have it all catered, the less work for employees the better. Remember they are here to work and run the business, not prepare food for a company event. (Just my 2 cents) If they volunteer to bring in cookies, cakes or side dishes great!

9. Party Favors, Prep Work, RSVP's, Gifts
Christmas Bottle Stopper FavorFinal steps based on budget. Determine if there will be Holiday Party Favors – Holiday theme or corporate logo gifts. Keep it simple and go with one type of favor or gift for all. This can range from Bottle Stoppers, Ornaments, frames, etc…

Next have an area designated for placing all the Holiday Party items, this way when the big day arrives you are all set.

RSVP's - Make sure you have these 2 weeks in advance, but plan save a few places for late attendees.

Check with the boss or president of the company are you in charge of getting gifts or are they handling that too? It is best to be aware of what is expected of you, that way you are sure to succeed.

10. Have a Great Party and Happy Holidays
2 days before the party make sure you have everything and make any last minute changes as needed. Then you will be ready for the big day!

Final Note of Advice - Keep some items a secret.
And here is why, often if you share everything and something falls through people get disappointed. However, if you share only a little and then surprise them and over deliver; then they tend to enjoy the event more.

Have fun and Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady